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Valerie's Blog

New Subscription Web Pages

September 23rd, 2016


Some of you have noticed that when we send you an email about subscribing to the website, sometimes the webpage you go to looks a little bit different to what you expect to see at

The reason behind this is that we are using a new subscription system for fixed term subscriptions (ie 1,3,6 and 12 month packages) to make it easier for you to subscribe. The new system looks slightly different to the Shop  but the good news is that it requires fewer steps for you to place your order.

We set this new system up because some of you told us that you wanted a quicker and easier alternative to the PayPal system. If you want to use the new system to subscribe - just click here

However, you can still use the PayPal system in the Shop area if you are more comfortable with that. Click here for more details

Festival of Quilts 2016

August 15th, 2016

For the first time since it started I was not on duty and took the opportunity to wander round snapping pics of quilts, catching up with people (sometimes literally bumping into them!) and shopping - what a great day.

Here are a few quilts that caught my attention (other than those in the winning gallery of course! which we have posted on our Facebook page - click here)

An entry from Kate Crossley (do you remember her stunning clock from a previous year?)


4_kate-crossley-mummie - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie

A detail of the winning quilt's stitching - amazing; however in the early years this would have been done by hand - no other comment other than to say rather than taking weeks that would have taken years.


4_details-of-overall-champ - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie


and a couple of modern quilts that I could have taken home - (shame about the creases on one which didn't really show as badly at the event!)


4_modern-circles - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie


4_modern-barcode - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie

and yes I did spend money!

What's it like on a Retreat

August 5th, 2016

Have you ever wondered what's it like on one of our retreats? Well now you can hear from some of the people who attend these fabulous sewing weekends. Why do they go? What do they get from them and why do they keep coming....

Click here for more details of our upcoming retreats in October 2016 and April 2017

Filming with Sylvia Critcher

July 8th, 2016

What a great day we had with Sylvia learning about her new book and seeing all the wonderful samples she made for it.


4_sylvia-and-val-2 - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie

The book claims to have 10 projects in it, but the quilt alone has 9 patterns and then there is the winter table runner which I just fell in love with - full of snowflake patterns so great value for money - keep watching for the workshops!

Raised Quilt & Stitch by Sylvia Critcher


The Wordsmith by Janet Clare

July 5th, 2016

Follow-up hospital appointments mean lots of waiting around so this time I took something 'nice' along to read;  well how understated is that - this book is fabulous; Janet combines delightful little stories about her life and the inspiration for her memory quilt,  with her line-drawings which makes this book very readable and memorable; THEN you get projects too!

I've already mentioned the Memory quilt, but there is also the Alphabet quilt and then taking those letters there is the poetry quilt: hers  reads

Warm Sighing; quiet settled

but she gives you tips on how to translate your phrase into a quilt too - just brilliant!

thankyou Janet.

To purchase the book: The Wordsmith - click here and to see the video about it - click here.


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