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Pre-Cut Club from Creative Quilting

Pre-Cut Club from Creative Quilting

This consists of a Nickle Pack and a Strip Roll cut from fabrics on the shelves at Creative Quilting to create a unique combination.   The Nickle Pack will contain 2 x 5" squares of 10 different fabrics (so 20 squares in total) and the strip roll will be one strip of each of the 10 fabrics. (each 2.5" X 42" approx)

These will be cut every other month and will be chosen to co-ordinate - an instant pick up and sew!

Here is the Feb 2018 selection:


4_precut-club-feb-2018 - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie


Membership is £13.95 per mailing which is inclusive of UK postage. (overseas addresses will incur slightly higher postage charges).

Creative QuiltingFor more information and to sign up visit

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