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Quilting workshops in Wiltshire 2017 with Sheena Roberts

Quilting workshops in Wiltshire 2017 with Sheena Roberts

Stunning Stacked Pinwheels - 22 - 24 September 2017

This idea is a simplified version of Bethany S Reynolds’ Stack n Whack design. Create a stunning quilt top - some careful cutting and stitching creates an amazing kaleidoscope effect.

I especially love the way that you can start with stunning fabric or ugly fabric - and end up with a thing of beauty! The only thing is that you need to be able to cut 9 identical (and I really do mean identical) squares approx 10" each out of your fabric


What's included in the price?

Based within the gorgeous facilities of Marsh Farm Hotel you will have a single occupancy room, Full Board (the food is superb) from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, 16 hours tuition plus 24 hour access to the sewing room all for £270. Discount for early payment. Deposit of just £70 to reserve your place.

To book any of these workshops, contact Sheena Roberts-

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