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Tokyo Quilt Festival & Textile Contrasts of Japan with Janice Gunner

Tokyo Quilt Festival & Textile Contrasts of Japan with Janice Gunner

Dates: 15 - 29 Jan 2018 - 14 nights

Prices: from £4,995 per person Single supplement: £725

5__0028_kiyomizu-dera_temple_gate_in_kyotoThe Land of the Rising Sun, a fascinating fusion of old and new: a mix of the ultra modern and an ancient culture, where soaring skyscrapers and the latest hi-tech innovations sit side-by-side with historic pagodas and shrines, and deep-rooted cultural and religious beliefs. Not forgetting that Japan has a long history of textiles excellence - making this the trip of a lifetime for quilters, patchwork and embroidery aficionados alike. As well as attending Tokyo’s Great Quilt Festival, this tour takes you on a mesmeric path around Japan offering a contrasting journey in terms of textiles and sights. You’ll be astonished by the finesse demonstrated in the work of some of Japan’s finest quilters at the Quilt Festival.

You'll visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka, see Mt Fuji, travel in the comfort of Japan’s famed Bullet Train and have the chance to meet local craftspeople. Tokyo and Kyoto encapsulate both Japan’s ancient history, with their shrines, temples and geishas, and its modern face as a major economy. Mount Fuji and its surrounds are typical of the country’s physical beauty, and Hithe crafts of Fukuoka are never to be forgotten. Come and join us on trip that will stay in your memory forever.

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Tel no: 01483 660 800

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