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The Return of the Legend - from Elna

The Return of the Legend - from Elna

Elna is proud to introduce the New Elna Lotus.

This new Lotus is a triumph in simplicity, in elegance of design and in the user friendly concept it embodies. The essentials, nothing more nothing less !

Taking its lead from the original Elna Lotus, this fully computerised new model is packed with innovative features. From the flaps which drift slowly down at the touch of a button and when closed, form a hard protective cover, to the unique spool loading system which is hidden away behind one of the two interactive touch screens. It’s even been designed with a central needle bar for added sewing stability.

Market research determined the most popular 18 stitches, that plenty of built in storage was a must and that an automatic thread trimmer would provide that professional finish. Add to those a maximum speed controller, an automatic needle threader, a lock stitch feature, a needle up/down facility and a start/stop button and you have the complete package.

Visit to see the video.

It is now available in Elna stockists across the UK.  The retail price of this unique sewing machine is £649.

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