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Tiger Tiger Table Mat

January 24th, 2018

5_tiger-tiger Sewing World Magazine had a special feature this month featuring and the Tiger Tiger Table mat, from the Helen Howes pattern for Oakshott Fabrics.

This simple table mat can be made in no time at all and is very efficient on fabric usage; it takes just two, fat eighth pieces of fabric to create the
pieced top on one mat. Use a neutral or monochromatic colour palette as Sewing World have in this picture or go wild with your own favourite colour scheme like the quilt below!

We have some lovely Oakshott fat 1/8th bundles in the shop so you can choose your own colpur palette: Autumn , Metro, and Derwent

If you click here you can download the pattern from Sewing World you can watch Valerie's video to help  - just click here



November 5th, 2017

Janet wrote to show us her quilt - she's very proud of her accomplishment. She retired at 61yrs and thought she would try her hand at patchwork.  This is the second quilt she made. She told us "it's not perfect as you can see but an accomplishment I never thought possible." We think it's a fantastic accomplishment and a lovely choice of colours too. She has certainly taken very well to patchwork.


Janet also told us that she thoroughly enjoys all the excitement that goes with quilting and patchwork especially the shows and the people. She says she's like a kid in a sweet shop - and we all know that feeling!!

This is another quilt made for a recent addition who came in just over 2lbs but is doing well - isn't it cute!!



Well done Janet - and keep up the great work!

Crazy Stashbuster

June 26th, 2017

Margaret contacted us in May as she was trying to remember which video she needed for one of Valerie's stack and slash quilts, as she had made one a few years ago and wanted to make another.

It turned out she wanted to make Valerie's crazy patchwork quilt - which you can watch here.

Margaret has got back in touch just a few weeks later and has just completed her quilt in this lovely colourway, which she has hand quilted using perle thread. She used 6 fabrics instead of 5 (as Valerie had done in her video). She made 24 blocks for this quilt and added the sashing as well.

She is very happy with it but has a tip - some of the fabric she used was cotton poplin and that didn't work so well here for her, so she now knows not to buy it in future.



40 minute quilt - a variation

June 15th, 2017

Gayle contacted us as she wanted to make the 40 minute quilt but was a little unsure about winging it and asked Valerie for a little help as she had cut her strips to 4"

As Gayle's strips were wider, Valerie said that this just means that the quilt will get made faster! (Valerie's original quilt was made from 2.5"strips). The calculations are still the same though - Gayle's 4" strips sewn will become 3.5" wide (approx) so if Gayle wanted it to be 40" in the other direction then just divide the size by 3.5 - simple! (If you started with 2.5" strips, you would divide by 2 instead.). Valerie uses 40" as this is the typical length of a strip in a pre-cut jelly roll and also the width of most quilting fabrics.

So how did Gayle get on?  well she has finished her quilt which she made in the end with 5" strips and we think it looks brilliant. Gayle told us she was a little disappointed how some of the colors group together, but as Valerie says like many scrap quilts no amount of planing seems to avoid duplicates and is part of it's charm!

Gayle is very excited to start another one and is also going to take some 2.5" strips to her next meeting  with her quilting group and is going to show everyone how she made it.

Keep up the great work Gayle!!


And if you want to have a go at the quilt, why not watch Valerie's free video - click here

Lady Sew and Sew retreat - the fruits of your labour

June 11th, 2017

A few of you have been in touch to show us your work wih Valerie from our Lady Sew and Sew retreat back in April 2017.

Jennie contacted us to say she had a really good time at the retreat and learnt SO much! Here's a photo of the piece she made. Her youngest daughter fell in love with it so she has nearly finished it for her. Thanks for sharing Jenny - it's so pretty!


Janet and Jean - mother and daughter -  joined in all the fun at the weekend and enjoyed a really good catchup as they normally live half a world away from each other;  the chatting didn't stop them sewing however, and here is the proof - and all done by hand - not a sewing machine in sight! (Valerie adjusted the sewing/cutting instructions for them). Lovely job girls - thankyou for sharing and joining in the fun.

5_20170531_130925-lss-500 5_20170531_130946-lss-500

If you want to have a go at Magic 4 patch, why not watch Anne Baxter's video  - click here

If you'd like to join us for one of our retreats, you'll find all the information in the Retreats section of the website

Fat Quarter Baby Quilt Gallery

June 2nd, 2017

Valerie has to thank Beatriz, one of her students,  for the introduction to It's So Emma's Fat Quarter Baby Book and now we love this – we think you will too

They have been busy making lots of the quilts and here are just a few.

The book has 20 little crib quilts to make, with great shopping information and excellent cutting and sewing instructions too.

The book is available in our Shop - click here and you can see Valerie's review of the book by clicking here




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Stitch into Spring by Mandy Shaw

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Product of the Month - March 2018

5_1630-pom-easter-boxes-march-2 Easter Boxes Pattern and Fabric set from Creative Quilting
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