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Cosmic Happening with Jennie Rayment

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Workshop notes:

It is so Cosmic and sew easy

Cosmic Happening Panel

Cutting the Pieces for One Block Finished size of block: 41 cm (16")

0.75 cm (¼") seam allowance included in all measurements

Comet: One 43 cm (17") square

Centre: One 13 cm (5") square

Background: One 50 cm (20") square

Prepare the Pieces:

1. Fold the 50 cm (20") background square in half from side to side, press crease. Repeat in other direction and press again.

2. Cut the 43 cm (17") square into a circle:

3. Lay the circle onto the background square - both sections R/S up. Align the creases of the circle with the background square. Tape or pin in place.

4. Select template A ( uploads/assets/cosmic happening_0002.jpg ) Remember to set your printer to A4 without any scaling down to make it 'Fit the page'.

5. Position template A on the circle, align template crease lines parallel with creases on fabric. (#1 is in same place as on the clock face.) Stick in place using masking tape or adhesive labels. Draw round paper template.

Place edge of a long ruler along lines of template and draw lines across material from corner to corner. Use chalk, pencil or a fine fabric marker. (Hold the pencil/marker etc. at 45° to ruler edge for accuracy.)

6. Number each segment of the circle and the background square: 1 - 16; work clockwise. Use adhesive labels with number written clearly.

7. Cut up one straight line then cut round drawn centre. Remove the centre and cut every remaining line making sixteen separate wedge-shaped sections.

8. Remove all pins. Pick up all the even numbered sections of the circle and place in pile #2 - 16. Press in half (R/S out), move and replace label if needed. Pick up all odd numbered sections of the circle, press in half and place in a pile #1 - 15.

9. Pick up all background sections, place in pile #1 - 16. Do not press.

Stitching the Block

[Seam Allowance: 0.75 cm (¼")]

1. Take sections 1 and 2 of background square. Take section 2 of circle and lay on section 2 of background square. The circle section is laid with the wider end exactly touching the centre of background square. Arrange the shape on a slight angle so the seam can cover the raw edge at the tip of the shape. Look at the diagram carefully. Pin in place.

Lay section 1 of the background square on top ‘sandwiching’ the circle section (R/S’s together). Sew an accurate 0.75 cm (¼") seam from the centre to the outside edge. Do not press seam and don’t panic if the outer edge of the background square is not completely level - the block is trimmed on completion.

2. Take section 4 of the background square and lay section 4 of the circle on top, remembering to offset the shape at a slight angle. Place section 3 of the background square on top and sew seam.

3. Sew the remaining twelve background square sections together in pairs (5 to 6, 7 to 8 etc.) with one even numbered circle section in each seam.

Remember to work CLOCKWISE. (As the pairs are joined - the outside edge will be a straightish line or form part of a corner - if not - the numerical order is incorrect and the numbers are not going clockwise.)

4. Join background square sections 1 and 2 to 3 and 4 enclosing circle section 3 (odd numbered circle segment of the circle) in the seam between the two pairs.

5. Sew the remaining pairs of background square sections into sets of four - 5 and 6 to7and 8: 9 and 10 to11 and 12 etc. enclosing one odd numbered circle section in each seam in the correct numerical order. Keep checking!

6. Join all four sets together to form a square remembering to include the remaining odd numbered circle sections in each seam. Take care to keep the circle sections in the right numerical order.

7. Remove the adhesive labels. Press all seams open and flat. Press very carefully around the circular hole in the centre, taking great care not to stretch the material. Turn to R/S and press all circle sections in the same direction. The sections can be pressed anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) or clockwise, it doesn’t matter.

Make the Centre

1. Measure the distance across the centre hole. Select one of the B templates - the template should cover all the raw edges of the circle inserts. Trace or photocopy the correct B template. Cut out.

2. Pin the paper template to the W/S of the 13 cm (5") square (yellow). Cut fabric approximately 1.25 cm (½") larger than template.

3. Press the excess fabric over the edge of the paper. Baste the fabric to the paper using the longest stitch length. (Leave pins in while pressing and basting.) Pin in place, ensuring that all the raw edges are covered. Stitch by hand or on the machine.

4. When completed, remove basting, turn to W/S and trim all layers underneath centre to approximately 0.75 cm (¼") from the appliquéd stitching line. Do not cut through paper. Remove paper - it should fall out easily through the hole, if not, try a good tug!

5. Cut the block into a 42.5 cm (16½") square.


Roll back the edge of each inserted circle section and secure with a small stitch. The longer ‘rays’ may require stitching in two places.

3D Patchwork with a twist

This stunning patchwork design from Jennie is more straightforward to sew than you might imagine - as always Jennie guides you through it step-by-step and provided you follow her instructions (and keep counting!) then you too can create your very own Cosmic Happening and then go on to make the quilt... it is just so amazing.

The pattern is an instant download so no excuses not to make a start straightaway!

Show & Tell by a student


Work in progress by christine - who finally finished four of the blocks  and entered the quilt into the National Patchwork Championships at Sandown in 2010.

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