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Textured Landscapes with Jennie Rayment

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Workshop notes

You need

Thin wadding/batting (any sort)

Lightweight sew-in interfacing

Selection of fabrics and matching threads

Decide on the size of your landscape: cut thin wadding/batting and lightweight interfacing to this measurement.

Sketch the horizon/skyline on the interfacing then pin interfacing to the wadding - not necessary to place any fabric underneath the wadding.

The landscape is constructed using the 'Quilt-as-you-go' technique, sometimes referred to as 'Stitch and Flip'. With this method the pieces are stitched together through the wadding thus creating an instant quilted effect. The use of the interfacing prevents the wadding from stretching and distorting in addition to providing a surface to draw on.

1. Rip a few strips from the your sky-coloured materials. Lay out in a pleasing arrangement - repeat the colours if needed. Beginning at the top of the picture, cut the first strip the width of the landscape, and place R/S aligning with edge of the interfacing. Pin and baste in place (use longest machine stitch length).

Place the next strip R/S down on to the previous one, stitch the lower edge. Fold (flip) back, finger press firmly and pin down (this ensures that the strip will not move or distort - most important if you are making a large piece of work). Increase regular stitch length slightly to allow for the extra layer of wadding and interfacing.

Continue adding the pieces in this manner (Diag 1) until you have completed the top/sky section. Experiment with the positioning of the strips angling them to create an interesting skyscape. Trim any excess material from the seams after stitching.

Rock Strata

Fold the material, place the side of the zipper foot on the fold of the cloth, sew down the edge. This makes a narrow tuck similar to a pin tuck. Make lots of these thin tucks and try experimenting with tucks in all different directions to construct the jagged appearance of mountain rock.

Bushes, Shrubs and Trees

Thread top and bottom bobbin of the machine with same colour as fabric. Use a good quality strong thread. Tighten top thread tension to aids the gathering process but reduce to normal tension if the material gathers on commencing the sewing. Pull threads up afterwards

Grasses and Fronds

Create wispy effect of feathery grass with fringed fabrics. Torn material frays the best; tear off a piece the length and width that you require, fold in half R/S out, pin and stitch close to the folded edge. The strip will be frayed after inserting into the landscape.

Assembling the Landscape

Lay out the design, arranging odd scraps of material to fill in any gaps - why not add an extra pleat or two in these pieces for more textural interest.

The textured sections can be attached to the base of wadding and interfacing in the same way as the sky was created i.e. 'Quilt-as-you-go'. Place the textured piece R/S down, pin in place, stitch then flip back, finger pressing and re-pinning down. Add the next piece etc.

Alternatively you can appliqué the sections in place adding a few extra folds and tucks as you artistically manipulate the material into the chosen shape. Pin the material firmly before stitching the edges down.

Once all the pieces are attached and firmly sewn, add extra embroidery by hand or machine for added embellishment.

Textured pictures in patchwork

Jennie, as always, makes this look easy and you have wide variety of scenes to be inspired by; using her micro-waved dyed fabrics to create the colours, Jennie scrunches, folds, and tucks her way through to create these lovely textured landscapes; sea or land it doesn't matter they all look good

More about Jennie Rayment


This skinnyish, red-haired, slightly wacky Brit is totally obsessed with 'Nipping and Tucking' - fabric manipulation and surface texture.

Unique in her field, she's now internationally known for her quick, simple, innovative and original techniques with manipulated material and her hilarious lectures with real ‘Strip, Show and Tell’.

Jennie teaches a wide variety of classes for all levels and abilities of sewers from patchworkers, quilters and embroiderers to fashion, soft furnishing and home décor enthusiasts.

Indeed, anyone interested in any form of needlework will be totally captivated by her deviously ingenious textural designs and can benefit from the wealth of creative ideas arising from her magic manipulations.

Why not try her classes in Emsworth - for lots more information and the latest joke plus a 'Sew simple' project go to

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